The Reason Why Nobody Can Tell You Exactly How Much Cannabidiol (CBD) to Take

“How much CBD should I take?”

It’s one of the most common questions people have about cannabidiol (CBD). It’s also one of the most difficult to answer.

That’s because it’s not the same for every person. A 10 mg dose for one person may be equivalent to a 300 mg dose for another. That’s confusing and frustrating foe somebody trying CBD for the first time. They may try the same dosage that works for their friend yet feel like it’s not working for them. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this gap of CBD dosing and see why it actually fits the norm.

A good way to understand why this is the case is to look at how dosing works for other common medications and do a comparison to the dosing of CBD. Please bear with me as I walk you through this step by step and I promise at the end you will have a much better understanding of how much CBD to take and proper CBD dosage.

Everyone’s body is unique and their reactions to and absorption of supplements, vitamins, and medications are also unique.  For all medications researchers try to establish general guidelines for the minimal therapeutic dose and for the safest maximum dose.   To understand the most basic concepts of dosing you need to at least understand the following four terms.


Basics of Medication Dosing.

Recommended Minimal Therapeutic Dose: This is the general minimal dose needed of a medication to provide the desired or specified effects for most users. But as with any normal curve there will be outliers who may require more or less of the medication than most people.

Minimal Therapeutic Dose:  This basically means the same thing as above but is specific to the individual.  Your specific minimal dose is likely to be different from the recommended minimal guideline and is guaranteed to be different when compared to that of many other people.

Recommended Maximum Dose:  This is the general guideline established for the maximum dose that is considered generally safe to administer without unwanted or dangerous side effects.  An unwanted side effect could be feeling anxious where as a dangerous one could be liver or kidney intoxication. Once again, this is a general guideline to follow and does not guarantee that a particular individual will not have unwanted side effects at a dosage less than this. It also doesn’t mean a particular individual could not take a higher dosage without experiencing side effects, however this is not recommended and should never be attempted without consulting a physician.

Maximum Tolerated Dose:  Like your individual minimal dose your body will have its own particular maximum tolerated dose which is the maximum dosage your body can handle before experiencing unwanted side effects.


Common Medications Replaced by Cannabidiol (CBD)

Okay, I know that was all a bit dry and boring to go through, but it was needed to understand the meat of this article and learn about how much CBD to take.  Let’s look at the recommended dosing guidelines for some common medications and supplements many people are using CBD to replace.




As you can see the minimum and maximum dosage range for these common substances are anywhere from 8 to more than 50 times the minimum amount, or 800% to 5000%. CBD is no different and it would be impossible to say exactly what dosage of CBD would work for you. It will depend not only on how your unique body reacts with CBD but also the type and severity of the condition you are trying to treat, and the delivery method you’re using.

****Note: The above dosages were found published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI),, and Athena Health. You may find varying exact data across different sources but regardless what sources you use the overall results will still show major differences in the minimum and maximum dosages.


What is the Dosage for Cannabidiol (CBD)?

So where does that leave us with CBD?  There has yet to be an established exact minimum effective dosage of CBD.  You can find references that vary from 5mg to 25mg as a suggested starting dose with the most common seeming to be about 10mg. However, it’s possible 10mg won’t have any effect on you and you may need 200mg or more to show any therapeutic benefits. Hopefully now that 20x or 2000% more number doesn’t seem so strange in trying to determine how much CBD to take.

The good news is that CBD is extremely safe to humans and to date there is not a single case of CBD overdose.  You can read this scientific review linked below on the safety of cannabidiol which states “Chronic use and high doses of up to 1500mg per day have been repeatedly shown to be well tolerated by humans.”

You can also read this article about if you can take too much CBD.


Experiment with CBD Dosing to Find What Works for You.

At the end of the day you are more likely to hurt your bank account taking too much CBD before you are likely to hurt your body doing so. Unfortunately, if you were looking for an exact amount of CBD to take you now realize that there simply is not an exact answer to this.  You will need to experiment to find the right dose for you and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Experiment with CBD dosages to see if it works for you and do so confidently knowing it would be completely normal for you to need 100mg while someone else you know only needs 20mg.


Written for CBD Profiler by, David Allred