CBD for Pets Saved these 5 Heartbreakingly Sick Dogs

CBD For Pets

If you count yourself among the yet-to-be-converted camp on CBD (Cannabidiol), I’m almost positive I have a way to get you on board. If the myriad scientific studies on CBD haven’t swayed you (or dispassionate medical studies just aren’t your thing), it’s time to break out the big guns. That’s right people – I’m talking about the puppies. See here why CBD for pets may be the right thing for your furry friend.

There’s a method to my madness, or so suggests this study that concluded humans have more empathy for dogs than people. Kind of weird, I know, but it’s my job to educate you about the awesome potential of CBD – empathy for the human race will have to wait. So instead of giving you a bunch of dry scientific reasons about how CBD oil can benefit your health, today I’m going to introduce you to 6 adorable dogs, all of whose lives were changed by CBD. 

Okay, buckle in folks – it’s time to tug on those heart strings.


‘Tinkerbell’ the Pomeranian


Tinkerbell is a 15-year-old Pomeranian from California who was battling liver disease and seizures a year and a half ago when her owner Emma Smith discovered CBD oil. Unable to walk, eat, or use the bathroom on her own, Emma knew time was running out for Tinkerbell, and her vet advised her to put Tinkerbell down. Emma even made the appointment. 

Incredibly, it was a last-minute recommendation from her dispensary that prompted Emma to give CBD oil a try. In a stunning reversal, Tinkerbell was walking and using the bathroom on her own again the next day! The seizures also went away – almost two years later they have still not come back with sustained use of CBD for pets products, and Tinkerbell is happier than ever!


‘Teenie’ the Chiweenie


Teenie, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix was just eight weeks old and 4 lbs. when his owner Ellie picked him up from the Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue near her college town. A group of storm chasers had found Teenie, his two brothers, and sister in a cardboard box on the side of the road not long before Ellie arrived at the shelter. Though she was quickly drawn to Teenie, he was left with an injured and infected back leg from his ordeal – Teenie was nearly half the size of his siblings and the runt of the pack, and it’s likely the reason he got injured. 

The Rescue was able to treat the infection in the leg, but Teenie still experienced chronic pain. Ellie would often be woken up during the night by Teenie whimpering and nibbling at his leg. Though she was given numerous medications by her vet, none seemed to provide Teenie with much relief – a few even made him worse. That’s when Ellie decided to take matters into her own hands.

Luckily, Ellie came across the amazing story of Charlotte Figi, a 4-year-old girl who had been plagued by hundreds of grand mal seizures a week before being introduced to CBD for pets oil. Inspired by the story and desperate for results, Ellie decided to give CBD oil a chance. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life.

Teenie’s condition improved, and Ellie discovered almost immediately that his energy and happiness increased drastically. He was no longer experiencing chronic pain, and was even able to walk and run freely at the park without his leg bothering him – something he had never been able to do prior. CBD for pets is an all-natural, organic solution, had provided Teenie the quality of life that tons of commercial pharmaceuticals could not. 


‘Hudson’ the Portuguese Water Dog

Hudson is a 14-year-old Portuguese water dog who lives in British Columbia with his owner Rebecca Hass. Though Hudson was physically very healthy for a dog of his age (almost 100 in human years!), he had become increasingly anxious as he got older. According to Rebecca, Hudson was in increasing distress, whining and yipping every day for hours on end. Separation issues eventually made it so that Rebecca could barely leave the house. It was a heartbreaking situation. Unlike physical ailments that typically have well-established treatments, several vets told Rebecca they were unable to help Hudson. She would just have to live with it.

Not being one to take no for an answer, Rebecca did some research and learned that some dog owners were turning to CBD to help treat their dogs stress and anxiety issues. She was determined to try CBD for Hudson’s condition as well. 

According to Rebecca, Hudson is now calmer, sleeps better, is more mobile, and actively plays again. She not only feels like she has her dog back, but she doesn’t have to worry about leaving the house anymore. 


‘Buster’ the Yorkie

Buster the Yorkie had a tough start in life. According to his owner Jillian Blume, Buster had three leg surgeries before he was even a year old. Doctors quickly discovered that what they thought was simply luxating patellas (a common issue among smaller dog breeds) was actually far more serious. Buster’s bones were abnormally thin, rotated outward, and there were no grooves for his kneecaps. A couple of unsuccessful operations left Buster barely able to walk. It took a surgeon with a radically different approach to finally fix Buster’s legs: his tibias were detached, repositioned, and reattached using nylon fishing line. Amazingly, it worked. 

However, the intense surgeries left Buster with life-long pain. As he got older, Jillian noticed he was sometimes hopping again, and at times couldn’t stand to have his lower back touched without “jumping a foot in the air.” The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that Jillian’s vet prescribed to treat the pain and inflammation worked well, but she eventually grew concerned about the possible side-effects. She had heard stories about gastrointestinal problems, stress, kidney damage, and other problems associated with prolonged use of NSAIDs. Enter CBD for pets.

After only a week of consuming CBD oil drops Buster was running and playing like a puppy again, even at 11 years old. 


‘Tamu’ the Sheltie

When 14-year-old Tamu was diagnosed with sarcoma (a type of cancer), his owner Beth Ann Corr started looking for a solution that would not only help him with the pain and nausea of his oral chemotherapy, but also something that wouldn’t complicate his arthritis – something Tamu had problems with as an older dog. After Beth Ann saw a short piece on the local news about a woman who was giving her dogs CBD for dogs biscuits, her curiosity was piqued. She tracked down a supplier, and was amazed by the results!

After only two weeks of CBD biscuits, Tamu was running up and down the stairs and was jumping in the car again, something Beth Ann says he had not been able to do for over a year and a half. She also found that the CBD treats were helpful for keeping up Tamu’s appetite during chemo. 

Although Tamu has since passed away, Beth Ann has managed to benefit yet again from what she learned during Tamu’s CBD treatment. After adopting another Sheltie named Jazz with serious anxiety problems, Beth Ann once again turned to CBD. She claims that Jazz no longer has any problems with loud noises or public spaces!



These are just a few of the hundreds of inspiring testimonials from dog owners who have had life-changing results with CBD oils and other products. There are so many different conditions affecting dogs that can benefit from the life-saving benefits of CBD for pets, just a few of which we have written about previously here. So what do you think? Are you officially a CBD convert? 


Written for CBD Profiler